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A different fire alarm equipment company for a changing market place.  After 40 years in the business, we felt that there was a need for a site such as this:   a place where fire alarm systems could be purchased for a reasonable cost.  

We offer small pre-configured systems and associated products and we can also offer large engineered systems that will meet the biggest demands of the small to medium sized fire alarm company and installer.

We are excited about the products offered at Fire Maven.  We offer over the counter solutions in addressable fire alarm and voice evacuation systems from Secutron and Advanced.  On a larger scale we can provide Secutron engineered solutions that include fire alarm, voice evacuation, firemen's telephone and most other solutions needed for larger systems. 

We are just getting started and hope to become a source of solutions for your fire alarm systems needs and problems. 

Please register today.  We do not sell to unregistered parties.  Upon review of your registration, one of the staff at FM will determine your customer level, and you will be notified that your registration is complete.

We hope you will enjoy your relationship with us.  We certainly look forward to it.