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45681-250ADS 6" E-Z Fit Base. (fits 4" square or octagonal electrical box)

The Intelligent Detector Bases from Advanced offer unique fi re alarm industry features that simplify installations and provide tremendous fl exibility. Incorporating sub-addressable and SLC loop-powered ancillary outputs, these intelligent bases allow for cost-effective and trouble-free installations.

E-Z-Fit Base (45681-250ADS)
Designed for mounting fl exibility, the E-Z-Fit base mounts to a 4” square
or octagonal electrical box. The E-Z-Fit is easy to install and allows the
screws of a 3” or 4” square or octagonal electrical box to be fi tted loosely
prior to mounting the base. The base is then placed over the screws
and shifted left to right for optimum positioning. Once positioned, the
mounting screws are tightened and unique hinged covers are closed
concealing the screws. The intelligent detector when installed, locks
the hinged covers in-place. The E-Z-Fit base offers a sub-addressable
remote LED output.